March 8th to April 27th


A Group Exhibition

College of San Mateo Photography Exhibit

Avenue 25 Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of photographs in collaboration with the Photography Department of the College of San Mateo.

Drawing from CSM classes focused upon digital and film-based photography, the prints in the exhibit reflect numerous processes: black and white and color digital prints, black and white and experimental darkroom prints, hand-colored prints, double exposures, cyanotypes, platinum-toned kallitypes, gold-toned salt prints and night photography. Engaging a myriad variety of themes, sensibilities and printing techniques, the images in this exhibit were selected primarily from students enrolled in the CSM photography program between 2015 and 2018.

The opening reception will provide a unique opportunity to not only view this remarkable collection of images, but also to meet with both student and faculty exhibitors to discuss their work. For those interested in the CSM photography program, the Photography Department faculty will be available to discuss specifics about upcoming classes and to answer any questions about the goals and achievements of their ongoing curriculum.