February 22nd to April 3rd, 2020
Opening Reception: December 8th, 1 – 3:30 pm


An Exhibition of Paintings by Toni Littlejohn

Using an evolution of multiple layers of latex enamel paint, Toni Littlejohn metaphorically depicts in large scale a vibrant series of earth histories, both as utopian vision and dystopian inevitability. Elegant, vaporous horizons of primordial light inform land spaces that are more liquid than solid, beautifully dense with pastoral temptation yet inexorably fused with a caveat about what is to come. Transcendent idealities of color and form merge with the realities of the Anthropocene, as eternal Nature is confronted by the priorities and impositions of a human-made world.

These are large, fearless works, and they also suggest a rich contemplation of diverse oppositions: of place and idea, the real and the possible, the actual and the supposed. In a sense they depict the discrete, unattainable places of memory, places to be discovered in dreams, spoken through myth, and visually interpreted through the visceral abstract forms that are compellingly painted into Littlejohn’s luminous fabric of the imaginary.