October 15 to November 23


Paintings by Martha Castillo, Sandra Cochran and Gertie Mellon


Clayprinting is an innovative approach to monotype printmaking.  The technique trades traditional plates and ink for potter’s clay and pure pigments. Multiple layers of liquid clay are painted on an unfired clay slab, and selectively scraping back exposing layers underneath. The prints are hand pulled.

The plasticity, and tactile qualities of clay, the process of adding layers of color, and texture, seem to marry the best aspects of the techniques I have encountered over the years.

I have always been fascinated by things which show the passage of time, accumulated layers, built up and worn down over generations. In my work I am exploring complex mixtures of old and new, the surface and what lies beneath.


I am a figurative painter. . And yet, I now find myself getting lost in these new landscapes.

These paintings are taken from places on the coast side that I found interesting and that told a story in terms of visiting the site. The paintings start in the early summer of 2017 and continue to the fall of 2018. It is my hope that they convey something of the feeling of being on the coast side.


A native of Ireland, I received my degree in Art and Design at University College Carlow. Subsequently I worked for many years as a Graphic Artist in Dublin.

The contrast between my early life in rural Ireland and time spent over the past thirty plus years in major American cities greatly influenced the subject matter of my paintings.

I work in both oil and acrylic, sometimes introducing collage. It is my emotion and reaction to these elements that dictate how I paint.