December 8th 2019 to February 18th 2020
Opening Reception: December 8th, 1 – 3:30 pm


An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Ann Miller

Ann Miller is a San Francisco Bay Area artist whose work is widely collected. She studied with Nathan Oliveira and Richard Diebenkorn and received BA and MA of Arts degrees from Stanford University. Her work is at times figurative or abstract, suggestive of landscape, often carries a sense of woven pattern, and shows an affinity for literary reference and letterform structures.

“The interaction of painted layers is similar to plot threads in a novel. I often use alphabetic forms, ancient scripts, signs and symbols, and enjoy the dynamism of free writing through an imagined structure or grid. I think about soft and hard line and color-space while exploring rhythm, mood, transparency, juxtaposition and balance. Textual elements are embedded in much of my recent work.”

She teaches design at San Francisco Center for the Book, with a special emphasis on calligraphic invention and spatial concepts.